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Case studies

BMC has partnered with PubGrade to provide unparalleled contextualized targeting across BMC’s network of journal websites.

Contextual Targeting

We can use any number of keywords, phrases or scientific concepts (genes, techniques etc.) and combine them using Boolean logic to deliver your ads next to relevant publications only.

Audience Targeting

We derive targetable audience segments from long-term reading behavior. In addition, you can select from our pre-defined audience segments. With PubGrade technology, your ads are displayed in relevant context and to segments of prospects, maximizing campaign effectiveness. On-going performance reviews, consultation and detailed reporting are part of the full service offering.

How does it work?

  1. Context - provide at least one of the following assets/details:
    • Keyword Set
    • Banner/creative
    • Landing Page URL
  2. Forecast - PubGrade’s team will perform a context analysis and return a forecast of monthly available ad impressions on articles of relevance for your product/service. The resulting targeting setup can be modified according to your feedback.
  3. Booking - Purchase Orders are handled through your Account Manager at BMC.


ChromoTek promotes their innovative Chromobodies through a PubGrade-targeted campaign at BMC.

“ We have found that the increase in our ‘Chromobodies’ sales is
directly related to the PubGrade campaigns we are running.
Using tracking parameters, we can see that new customers were
acquired through the channel of targeted banner advertising.

For the first time we are able to calculate an advertising ROI and
evaluate positive advertising effects. We cannot recommend the
PubGrade targeting technology highly enough!”

Dr. Katrin Schmidthals
Head of Finance and Administration
ChromoTek GmbH

PBL Assay Science promotes their new IFN Alpha All Subtype
Elisa Kit through a PubGrade-targeted campaign.

“ I have run multiple online banner campaigns with PubGrade and
can only say that I am very pleased with the services of their team,
as well as the outstanding results generated by their context sensitive advertising technology.

I am very satisfied and see PubGrade as our preferred option in
online banner advertising to the life science market.”

Hong-Gee Lee, Ph.D.
Senior Product Manager
PBL Assay Science

Rockland Immunochemicals is running a 12-month
PubGrade-targeted banner campaign at BMC for
the second year.

“ PubGrade has been an essential part of our marketing plan.
The strategy behind PubGrade’s native advertising plan aligns
with the goals that we have set for ourselves as an elite antibody
manufacturer. Their business is an important piece of our overall online marketing success.”

Dana Dever
Digital Marketing Manager
Rockland Immunochemicals Inc.