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Evolutionary Virology and Evolutionary Oncology

Guest edited by: Franco M. Buonaguro and Andrei Kozlov

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Several factors are playing a role on the evolution of the species by the genetic changes introduced in the genome of the living being. Virologic agents and oncogenetic changes are contributing to the evolution process. Through this series we aim to highlight the innovative concepts and research studies that are contributing to discover the relevance of these components in the evolution of the animal, and in particular of man. This series aims to bring together a broad range of evolutionary experts. Articles can have a wide range of topics focusing on evolutionary factors. Those on viral and cancer-related evolutionary processes will be welcome.

Relevant research papers published in Infectious Agents and Cancer will be added to the series, with commentary to explain their significance, or put them in context for non specialist readers.

The section will include:

  • Evolutionary processes induced by integration of endogenous retroviruses; 
  • Co-evolution of humans and DNA viruses (i.e. the HPV model);
  • Mutations involved in oncogenesis and evolution.

This collection of articles has not been sponsored and articles have undergone the journal's standard peer-review process and the Guest Editor declares no competing interest.

Submit your papers here, and make sure to choose the thematic series 'Evolutionary Virology and Evolutionary Oncology' when asked if you are submitting a paper for a thematic series.

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