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Enhancing the Prison Environment

Edited by Kevin Wright, Stephanie Morse & Madison Sutton, Arizona State University

The editors of Health & Justice invite manuscripts on the topic "Enhancing the Prison Environment".

Prisons are being reimagined in terms of how to provide a supportive environment during confinement. Recent initiatives have focused on how to improve health and well-being within prison environments for the betterment of staff and those incarcerated. For instance, JUSTInnovate at UCSF is a program that facilitates cooperation between U.S. jail and prison systems and the Norwegian Correctional Service to transform correctional culture and advance prison reforms that emphasize humanity, dignity, and rehabilitation. Additionally, the Urban Institute, with funding from Arnold Ventures, has identified five states to participate in a strategy to transform prison culture. These initiatives are illustrative of recent efforts to enhance the prison environment, although they are not exhaustive.

This series of articles explores the transformative processes and findings from current efforts to positively alter the prison environment. Articles are welcome from a broad range of perspectives, including but not limited to: the process and methods used for cultural change, the vision for the prison environment, evaluation findings, and the experiences of correctional staff, administrators, and those incarcerated. 

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