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BMC Series Focus Issue: May 2021

Understanding Mental Health

New Content Item © (c) sankai - Getty ImagesThe importance of mental health has been felt around the world as people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and we recognise that there will be a long-lasting impact on mental health. With Mental Health Awareness Month in May, the BMC Series presents a focus issue on ‘Understanding Mental Health’. We have collated open-access content from across our journals to highlight research into how mental wellbeing can be affected by health conditions and other risk factors, and advances in managing and improving mental health. We also bring together articles that are giving emerging insight into the impact of COVID-19 on mental health.

By sharing this research, we wish to highlight content that could make a difference to people’s mental health and support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals: SDG1 No poverty, SDG 3 Good Health and Wellbeing, SDG8 Decent work and economic growth, SDG10 Reduced inequalities, and SDG13 Climate Action.

New Content Item

Depression, anxiety, fatigue, and quality of life in a large sample of patients suffering from head and neck cancer in comparison with the general population
C. Hammermüller, A. Hinz, A. Dietz, G. Wichmann, M. Pirlich, T. Berger, K. Zimmermann, T. Neumuth, A. Mehnert-Theuerkauf, S. Wiegand & V. Zebralla 
BMC Cancer 21: 94 (2021)

The level and prevalence of depression and anxiety among patients with different subtypes of irritable bowel syndrome: a network meta-analysis
Zhichao Hu, Meixuan Li, Liang Yao, Yinshu Wang, Enkang Wang, Jianye Yuan, Fengyun Wang, Kehu Yang, Zhaoxiang Bian & Linda L. D. Zhong 
BMC Gastroenterology 21: 23 (2021)

Distribution and prevalence of musculoskeletal pain co-occurring with persistent low back pain: a systematic review
Cecilie K. Øverås, Melker S. Johansson, Tarcisio F. de Campos, Manuela L. Ferreira, Bård Natvig, Paul J. Mork & Jan Hartvigsen 
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 22: 91 (2021)

Anxiety and depression in patients who undergo a cerebrovascular procedure
Lauren Lombardo, Richard Shaw, Kathleen Sayles & Dorothea Altschul 
BMC Neurology 20: 124 (2020)

The relationship between psychosocial distress and oral health status in patients with facial burns and mediation by oral health behaviour
Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary & Basaruddin Ahmad 
BMC Oral Health 21: 172 (2021)

Patient satisfaction and quality of life in breast reconstruction: assessment of outcomes of immediate, delayed, and nonreconstruction
Hianga Fayssa Fernandes Siqueira, Jorge Luiz de Almeida Teixeira, Reginaldo da Silva Lessa Filho, Evânia Curvelo Hora, Filipe Ferreira Brasileiro, Kênya de Souza Borges, Érika de Abreu Costa Brito, Marcela Sampaio Lima, […], Ana Alice Santana Vasconcelos & Carlos Anselmo Lima 
BMC Research Notes 13: 223 (2020)

Insights on mental health when living with rheumatoid arthritis: a descriptive qualitative study of threads on the Reddit website
Jamie Y. E. Park, Alyssa M. Howren, Eileen Davidson & Mary A. De Vera 
BMC Rheumatology 4: 62 (2020)

A rapid review of mental and physical health effects of working at home: how do we optimise health?
Jodi Oakman, Natasha Kinsman, Rwth Stuckey, Melissa Graham & Victoria Weale 
BMC Public Health 20: 1825 (2020)

The effect of a mindfulness-based stress intervention on neurobiological and symptom measures in adolescents with early life stress: a randomized feasibility study
Zsofia P. Cohen, Kelly T. Cosgrove, Elisabeth Akeman, Sara Coffey, Kent Teague, Jennifer Hays-Grudo, Martin P. Paulus, Robin L. Aupperle & Namik Kirlic 
BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies 21: 123 (2021)

Effect of the time interval between cataract surgery for both eyes on mental health outcome: a cohort study of 585,422 patients
Chiun-Ho Hou, Ken-Jen Chen, Jiahn-Shing Lee, Ken-Kuo Lin & Christy Pu 
BMC Ophthalmology 21: 110 (2021)

The effect of vitamin D and magnesium supplementation on the mental health status of attention-deficit hyperactive children: a randomized controlled trial
Mostafa Hemamy, Naseh Pahlavani, Alireza Amanollahi, Sheikh Mohammed Shriful Islam, Jenna McVicar, Gholamreza Askari & Mahsa Malekahmadi 
BMC Pediatrics 21: 178 (2021)

Universal prevention of distress aimed at pregnant women: a systematic review and meta-analysis of psychological interventions
Marjolein Missler, Tara Donker, Roseriet Beijers, Marketa Ciharova, Charlotte Moyse, Ralph de Vries, Jaap Denissen & Annemieke van Straten 
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 21: 276 (2021)

One year follow-up and mediation in cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy for adult depression
Jacqueline G. L. A-Tjak, Nexhmedin Morina, Maurice Topper & Paul M. G. Emmelkamp 
BMC Psychiatry 21: 41 (2021)

The effectiveness of email-based exercises in promoting psychological wellbeing and healthy lifestyle: a two-year follow-up study
Minna Torniainen-Holm, Maiju Pankakoski, Tuomas Lehto, Osmo Saarelma, Pekka Mustonen, Kaisla Joutsenniemi & Jaana Suvisaari 
BMC Psychology 4: 21 (2016)

A feasibility randomised controlled trial of Novel Activity Management in severe ASthma-Tailored Exercise (NAMASTE): yoga and mindfulness
Sarah A. Hiles, Paola D. Urroz, Peter G. Gibson, Adam Bogdanovs & Vanessa M. McDonald 
BMC Pulmonary Medicine 21: 71 (2021)

The podium illusion: a phenomenological study of the influence of social support on well-being and performance in elite para swimmers
Beth Aitchison, Alison B. Rushton, Paul Martin, Andrew Soundy & Nicola R. Heneghan 
BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation 13: 42 (2021)

Association between tea consumption and depressive symptom among Chinese older adults
Ke Shen, Bin Zhang & Qiushi Feng 
BMC Geriatrics 19: 246 (2019)

Alterations in the intestinal microbiome and mental health status of workers in an underground tunnel environment
Zhen-Hua Lu, Yi-Wen Liu, Zhao-Hua Ji, Ting Fu, Min Yan, Zhong-jun Shao & Yong Long 
BMC Microbiology 21: 7 (2021)

Risk and protective factors associated with mental health among female military veterans: results from the veterans’ health study
Richard E. Adams, Yirui Hu, Charles R. Figley, Thomas G. Urosevich, Stuart N. Hoffman, H. Lester Kirchner, Ryan J. Dugan, Joseph J. Boscarino, Carrie A. Withey & Joseph A. Boscarino 
BMC Women's Health 21: 55 (2021)

The Genomics of Opioid Addiction Longitudinal Study (GOALS): study design for a prospective evaluation of genetic and non-genetic factors for development of and recovery from opioid use disorder
Jessica Heil, Stefan Zajic, Emily Albertson, Andrew Brangan, Iris Jones, Wendy Roberts, Michael Sabia, Elliot Bodofsky, Alissa Resch, Rachel Rafeq, Rachel Haroz, Russell Buono, Thomas N. Ferraro, Laura Scheinfeldt, Matthew Salzman & Kaitlan Baston 
BMC Medical Genomics 14: 16 (2021)

Associations between loneliness and perceived social support and outcomes of mental health problems: a systematic review
Jingyi Wang, Farhana Mann, Brynmor Lloyd-Evans, Ruimin Ma & Sonia Johnson 
BMC Psychiatry 8: 156 (2018)

Biomarker discovery in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: RNA sequencing of whole blood in discordant twin and case-controlled cohorts
Timothy A. McCaffrey, Georges St. Laurent III, Dmitry Shtokalo, Denis Antonets, Yuri Vyatkin, Daniel Jones, Eleanor Battison & Joel T. Nigg 
BMC Medical Genomics 13: 160 (2020)

The relationship between self-harm and bullying among adolescents
Ingri Myklestad & Melanie Straiton 
BMC Series Blog, 31 Mar 2021

Internal consistency and correlation of the adverse childhood experiences, bully victimization, self-esteem, resilience, and social support scales in Nigerian children
Morenike Oluwatoyin Folayan, Olakunle Oginni, Olaniyi Arowolo & Maha El Tantawi 
BMC Research Notes 13: 331 (2020)

Mental ill-health during COVID-19 confinement
Eva Jané-Llopis, Peter Anderson, Lidia Segura, Edurne Zabaleta, Regina Muñoz, Gemma Ruiz, Jürgen Rehm, Carmen Cabezas & Joan Colom 
BMC Psychiatry 21: 194 (2021)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in the general population: a comparison between Germany and the UK
Franziska Knolle, Lisa Ronan & Graham K. Murray 
BMC Psychology 9: 60 (2021)

Anxiety and facial self-contacts: possible impact on COVID-19 transmission in dental practice
María Carrillo-Diaz, Laura Lacomba-Trejo, Antonio del Valle-González, Martín Romero-Maroto & María José González-Olmo 
BMC Oral Health 21: 200 (2021)

COVID-19 related concerns of people with long-term respiratory conditions: a qualitative study
Keir E. J. Philip, Bradley Lonergan, Andrew Cumella, Joe Farrington-Douglas, Michael Laffan & Nicholas S. Hopkinson 
BMC Pulmonary Medicine 20: 319 (2020)

Impacts of the Covid-19 lockdown and relevant vulnerabilities on capability well-being, mental health and social support: an Austrian survey study
Judit Simon, Timea M. Helter, Ross G. White, Catharina van der Boor & Agata Łaszewska 
BMC Public Health 21: 314 (2021)

The immediate effect of COVID-19 pandemic on children and adolescents with obsessive compulsive disorder
J. B. Nissen, D.R.M.A. Højgaard & P. H. Thomsen 
BMC Psychiatry 20: 511 (2020)

Prevalence of mental health problems and associated factors among front-line public health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in China: an effort–reward imbalance model-informed study
Jing Zhang, Yijing Wang, Jingdong Xu, Hua You, Yan Li, Yuan Liang, Shan Li, Lina Ma, Joseph Tak-fai Lau, Yuantao Hao, Shilin Chen, Jing Zeng, Jinghua Li & Jing Gu 
BMC Psychology 9: 55 (2021)

Call for Papers - Maternal Mental Health Collection
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth

Mental Health Collection
BMC Research Notes 15 March 2021

Ethical concerns in suicide research: thematic analysis of the views of human research ethics committees in Australia
Emma Barnard, Georgia Dempster, Karolina Krysinska, Lennart Reifels, Jo Robinson, Jane Pirkis & Karl Andriessen 
BMC Medical Ethics 22: 41 (2021)

Advancing methodology for scoping reviews: recommendations arising from a scoping literature review (SLR) to inform transformation of Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Joanna K. Anderson, Emma Howarth, Maris Vainre, Ayla Humphrey, Peter B. Jones & Tamsin J. Ford 
BMC Medical Research Methodology 20: 242 (2020)